Ticket to Ride

In spite of Boris’s voice booming out as soon as you enter or leave any station in London, the transport system never failed me last week when I went up for granddaughter’s end of term concert and a visit to Tate Britain with friends to see the last day of the Picasso exhibition.  I am so grateful for all the travel concessions I get as a pensioner.  Travelling free on local trains and all buses throughout the country on my Travel Pass keeps me on the move at no financial cost to myself.  The Senior Rail card gives a third off all rail travel  and the Oyster card for London Transport saves money and queuing for tickets.

One of the great pleasure in being retired and mobile lies in being able to travel around and maintain contact with friends and family.  The Junior  school concert and Egyptian display were a delight.  The Picasso exhibition was interesting but the facilities and signing at Tate Britain are poor.  My friend and I sat in the makeshift cafe with our polystyrene cups of watery coffee sounding like Grumpy OldWomen while we worried as to what overseas visitors must think.

Lovely weekend with family and good journey home on the train being entertained by a six year old boy from South Africa who loved being in England because of the ‘cool rain’ and who had an encyclopaedic knowledge of cricket.

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5 Responses to Ticket to Ride

  1. Nordie says:

    Was in Telford on Friday, and Boris was playing on the station tannoy there too! Took me a little by surprise, and I suppose he could be annoying if it happened on a continual loop.

    Have you made it round to the V&A yet? I went there for a quilt show about 2 years ago and they do attempt to help out the visually impaired, e.g. using large text, ipods for audio commentary etc. Bit hit and miss, but that could be user issues as much as anything!

  2. Haven’t made it to the V & A yet but did go to the Picasso exhibition at Tate Britain last week and was shocked at the poor signage in general and lack of staff. The exhibition itself was OK and each gallery had large print guides and, of course, aaudio commentary. Even when I could see better I have always found the snakk kabveks by exhibits frustrationg although I know that that is deliberate policy not to be too distracting.

    But what is Boris doing in Telford?! Hoiw very strange.

  3. Oops – sorry for typo for shall kabveks please read small labels. This small print is difficult to handle on comments and haven’t learned to edi yet! and too idle this morning to preview!

  4. Gill Rose says:

    B, your little blue bus is operated by Travel West Midlands. I hate to have to tell you, but it is named ‘West Midlands Special Needs’!!
    Lovely to see you yesterday.

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