One week on

This is the end of my first week as a novice blogger.  I have had 22 comments (some spam) and 115 hits – mainly from the UK and USA plus a number of very useful emails.  This seems a good time to thank everyone who has made contact.  I have already learned a lot from you.  Also encouraging comments from friends have been very welcome.  I hadn’t realised how vulnerable I would feel.   Below you will see a summary of advice and recommendations.   I am not recommending any particular products and I know readers can see some of these in Comments but wanted to use this space to clarify them in my own mind.

A very useful article for people with WMD can be found at  by  David Winder.  He describes, in plain terms, how he contracted WMD at a relatively young age and his research into accessing and using his computer.  As he works professionally with computers some of his article went over my head but it is excellent and well worth reading.  Also some of the comments he received had useful links which I haven’t explored yet.  He does emphasise the importance of seeking immediate help if you notice anything unusual with your eyesight, for example distorted vision and wiggly lines.

From Comments and emails,  gadgets referred to were:  Kobo Touch eReader (cost about ££83.00), Veho battery charger (cost about £18.99 from Amazon). Blackberry mobile phone, Nokia N96 (now out of production)

One reader requested more photographs – will do when it stops raining!  One asked for information of Kindle charactersitics – will mention these under a reading blog I am planning.

As for my weekend, the fun day in our waterlogged park went ahead as planned complete with bands, food, stalls, wood carving, tree climbing, bouncy castle, head massage and numerous other events.  My new Crocs came in handy for slurping through the mud and a good time was had by all.

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