Flash mob (sort of)

Park Art

Park Art

There’s a saying round here that whatever goes wrong somehow the Friends of the Park manage to make it come right. And so it was on the night before our annual neighbourhood celebration of music and fun, Cocomad, (for those unfamiliar with the area, this is a reference to the local chocolate factory).

A meeting for the stewards of Cocomad had been planned to take place outside in the park. Everyone assembled and the heavens opened. Unexpectedly and with no forewarning and by bush telegraph, the meeting relocated immediately to my house.

Dripping figures ran down the ginnel to the back door, took off their shoes in my kitchen and herded into the sitting room. Wave after wave followed, including a man with a tower of pizza boxes. The overflow poured through the sitting room door from the narrow hall.
The meeting went well. The pizza was consumed and the wet shoes retrieved from the kitchen, someone even mopped the kitchen floor! I never would have expected a flash mob (sort of!) in my house though.

The next day the sun shone, music rang out and colourful crowds filled the park. The stewards did their work in some unusual costumes and neighbourliness prevailed.


Another visit to the Barber Institute in their Insight programme for people with VI. Excellent discussions on various seascapes.

FilmGrace of Monaco. Went for nostalgic reasons and wish we hadn’t bothered. I think this is the worst film I have ever seen!

Listening to The House of Sleep by Jonathan Coe, read by Simon Shepherd. Well written and witty, slightly surreal.

In the middle of restoration and painting of the outside of my house by multi skilled tonysgutteringandroofing.co.uk

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2 Responses to Flash mob (sort of)

  1. Liz at Libro says:

    How handy that you were in at just the right time! And how lovely that they mopped the floor, too! I’ve read “The House of Sleep”, I think – does it have someone pressing on someone else’s closed eyelids at one point?

  2. They should have gone to my neighbours but she had locked herself out! Yes, House of Sleep is the creepy one with the eyelid issues. Not sure if I understand this kind of writing. Did you enjoy it?

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