Sunkissed and riversoaked

The weather has improved and some of the family have gone camping and kayaking in the Wye Valley.  Plenty of scope for me to worry but gone are the days when they struggled to find a payphone and put in the minimum amount of money so they don’t have to answer my endless questions.   This time a reassuring text arrived at the end of the first day reading    ‘Sunkissed and riversoaked.  Fantastic.’   

So why do many of my friends keep their mobile phones safely switched off?    One of the problems for mmost of us is that the complexities of most phones are a nightmare to negotiate and it does take some confidence to stick to the basics.   Also it’s  easy to be intimidated by salesmen trying to make us sign up for expensive contracts.  In the last year a number of user friendly phones have come on the market and some  can be seen on the RNIB website  I still have a few months to last on my current Orange contract but shall be looking at one of these when it runs out.  For me the size of the size and visibility of the screen is as important as the size of the buttons but this will certainly depend on the individual’s preferences.

jFor those people who are afraid of their phones, just think how helpful it is to let someone know you will be half an hour late because the train ran into a cow or to text to ask what’s for dinner or to receive important messages.  I think many people are worried that they will turn into a teenager with the phone surgically attached to their ear.  Believe me, it won’t happen unless you want it to!

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6 Responses to Sunkissed and riversoaked

  1. Nordie says:

    I have a Nokia N96, as recommended by the RNIB, for use at work. Two downsides: the battery goes really quick, and it looks like they’ve stopped making them. You go searching for it on the websites and you cant find it, but they recommend a later version “for better music production”. Err, no, I’m looking for it because I want to see the buttons, not make myself deaf too, ta. Ended up buying a second hand version on ebay 😦

  2. katisha50 says:

    I really ought to upgrade to a smart phone, as mine is so ancient (on mobile phone terms). I pay virtually nothing on PAYG, though, and I think a contract would be expensive.

  3. Daisy says:

    I couldn’t help but laugh at the concept of the train running into a cow… Next time I’m late to see you, I’ll use that as an excuse!

  4. Liz at Libro says:

    I have a Blackberry which I really like, and I don’t pay very much a month for it – under £15. Worth it for checking the internet etc. although would be no good for people with low vision.

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