A few years ago it dawned on me that toenail cutting was a hazardous procedure if you have VI. I have always been vain about my feet and now they were hacked at and bloody. It upset me that I could no longer cut my own toenails but there was nothing for it but to make an appointment with a highly recommended chiropodist.

The recommendation was justified. In her clean and clinical surgery she skilfully worked on my feet. After half an hour of friendly treatment I was delighted with the result and made a repeat appointment. This happy routine continued for more than a year. The chiropodist gave me good advice on orthotics and comfortable shoes, which I took gratefully. I have no corns, bunions or hard skin so the nail cutting was quick and easy.

Then the devil beckoned. At the tiny, busy beauty salon where I have the occasional manicure there is, behind a bamboo screen, an orchid decorated, candlelit pedicure section complete with massage chair, warm footbath and trays of brightly coloured nail polish. Why not?

So now, for almost the same price, I luxuriate for an hour soaking my feet in warm perfumed water, massaging my back and ending up with jewel coloured toenails under my warm socks and sensible shoes. The pedicurist is excellent. She laughs at my sensible shoes and recommends outrageous colours of nail polish.

I do feel a twinge of disloyalty to the previous routine but this new one has turned a disadvantage into fun. I can forget the reason I don’t cut my own toenails’ and I leave the salon in my customary disguise as an elderly lady in full knowledge that beneath this outward shell are perfectly pedicured feet. And, because I can’t distinguish some shades of colour to choose from in the dim light of the salon, there is always a pleasant surprise when I see my toes at home.

Have you turned a minor disadvantage into fun?


Apologies for the gaps between posts. I took holidays in France and Germany and then caught a virus so was out of action for a while.


Listened to Upstairs at the Party by Linda Grant read by Tricia Kelly. Not sure this is for everyone but I enjoyed it.

We are all Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Fowler read by Katherine Mangold. Painful listening but worthy. Kindle download.

The Shape of Water The Inspector Montalbano Mysteries, Book 1 by Andrea Camilleri
Kindle download. The first in the Montalbano series set in Sicily. Full of wit, drama, character and gorgeous scenery and, of course, the sexy Inspector. Now I can’t see the subtitles on the Italian series I am planning to read ALL the books!


Pride directed by Matthew Warchus set in the 1984 Miners strike. A group of gay people in London decide to help an initially homophobic small Welsh mining village with money, food, clothes and support. This is a true story and is funny, moving and tragic in equal parts. Loved it!

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6 Responses to Feet!

  1. Great, fun post Bridget. Enjoyed the books/film parts, too.

  2. Liz at Libro says:

    Apart from turning working from home into an opportunity to wear weird pink fleece trousers all the time … not sure I’ve turned a disadvantage into fun in quite as clever a way as you have!

  3. Thanks, Liz. I like the sound of pink fleece trousers and would say they certainly qualify as an advantage.

  4. Gill says:

    Love the post!

    BTW, my bees came good this year and I have honey. I have a little jar at home with your name on it.

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