Tai Chi 2014

Tai Chi sessions in our park have continued all winter and Mark, our teacher has turned up in all weathers to lead his loyal followers through their morning exercises.

Mark Peters - Tai Chi teacher

Mark Peters – Tai Chi teacher

When winter reached the point when thermals, hats and gloves were needed, I dropped out. But the great thing about Tai Chi in the park and its inclusiveness and flexibility is, that when I turned up this week, I was able to join in with no recriminations! This flexibility makes it easy to wander in as and when it suits you as long as its 10.30 on a Thursday morning.

My own flexibility is another matter but soon arms and legs were moving in continuous and satisfying progression. There are chairs to use as props when knees fail and, at the end of nearly an hour, there was the familiar sense of relaxation and accomplishment. There really is nothing like it. Give it a go, no one is watching!

Saturday was world Tai Chi day and a demonstration involving groups from all over Birmingham was held under the disapproving eye of Queen Victoria in front of the city’s council house. And I missed it! Blame the rain! Luckily Mark and Jenny were still there when I arrived. Evidently there had been good demonstrations and plenty of support in spite of the April showers. Here is a link to a video clip from the event https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lm_a_gopSdo

Tai Chi in Victoria Square in Birmingham for world Tai Chi day

Tai Chi in Victoria Square in Birmingham for World Tai Chi day

If you want to know more have a look at Active Parks. They are still sponsoring groups all over the city so why not join in this peaceful and energising exercise? It’s free and it’s fun. I make no apologies for the hard sell. It suits all abilities and age groups. For myself, with VI, I can rely on Mark to help when I am confused about the movements. Without giving away any secrets, our youngest member arrives in a push chair and some of us were born before WW2. Exercising outdoors with the smell of newly mown grass, the sounds of the park and the birdsong is a lovely way to spend an hour.

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Listened to The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer read by Sarah Woodward on Audible. Silly, fun Regency romp.

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2 Responses to Tai Chi 2014

  1. Liz at Libro says:

    It’s such a lovely idea and I’m sure no one will mind the “hard sell”!

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