Gadget Update

The printer sat in its box for two days before I took up my neighbour’s offer to set it up for me. Not just any neighbour but someone who is IT literate and understands my brand of VI. Now it is attached to the pc and has a large icon on my large screen only a click away and very much in use.

The new washer drier arrived next and was manoeuvred into my tiny utility area by two very large men. Once installed they gave me brief instructions on the controls and left, assuring me I would love my all singing and dancing machine.

Electric wringer/mangle circa 1930

Electric wringer/mangle circa 1930

I couldn’t see the controls but thought the handbook would help.

The print on the handbook is so small that even with the magnifier I couldn’t read it or even see the diagrams. All I could see were several pages headed WARNING! Alarming but impenetrable. I looked at it in despair. Back to the sofa and a bout of self pity.

Then a Eureka moment. Technology to the rescue. I scan the diagrams of the controls into my new printer, transfer them to my large screen pc, enlarge them, print and the basics become clear. But LG and other white goods manufacturers please note that small grey print on black does not work for people with VI. However, with the help of my enlarged copy of the instructions I was able to start the machine.

The 30 minute cycle worked! The rare sound of a smoothly running washing machine. And the men were right – it danced through the programme and when it was finished it played a little tune.

Amazing what technology can do when you think it through. I’m glad I persisted with my various bits of IT… printer, large screen pc, and washer drier and, of course, my hand magnifier.


Reading (on Kindle )– A Testament of Youth… an Autobiographical Study of the Years 1900-1925 by Vera Brittain, first published in 1933. A heartbreaking account of the futility of war and an encouraging account of the empowerment of women.

Listening (on to The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins, first published in 1868. This was the first English detective novel and has everything from heroes to villains, juggling Indians, shivering sands and a satirical and funny account of Victorian Britain. Not to mention a huge lost diamond. For sheer escapism, eat your heart out Downton Abbey! It is perfectly read in different voices by Peter Jeffrey.

T’ai chi is back in the park. Great session last week dodging the raindrops and hearing about Mark’s second three-legged greyhound.

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4 Responses to Gadget Update

  1. Liz at Libro says:

    I’ve just finished re-reading Testament of Youth – much more about women’s empowerment than I remembered, which is odd, because I have read it at least three times. Congratulations on your brainwave for enlarging your instruction booklet – inspired!

  2. It must have something to do with the age at which you read testament of Youth because last time I read it I was mainly interested in the feminism, maybe its because I was a mature student at the time. This time I am full of admiration at how she captures youthful self absorption with personal relationships and the shock of the physical aspects of the war. I’m only halfway through and the emphasis may change when I’ve finished. Very glad to be re reading. Hope to write more about it later. Found your response very interesting.

  3. Gill says:

    Coming late to this, but most manuals are available online so can be enlarged if needed. Wouldn’t know what to do about the grey on black, though, which is appalling!

  4. Thank you for your cpmment. You are right, most instructions online can be enlarged which is why I love my ipad! Some can’t though and I don’t know why. Need to ask a man who does! Thanks for following my blog, Gill.

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