Household Gadgets

Do washing machines and printers count as gadgets?

I’m not sure but, for me, they certainly fall into the category of things that should make daily life easier.

There is one big proviso for the person with low vision and that is that they must be accessible.

Simpler Times!

Simpler Times!

The reason I regard them as gadgets is that, nowadays, they have so many features some of which seem gimmicky and which seem to distract from the main function.
After several hours online and limited in store research, I got out my plastic and headed for the high street.

First the washing machine. Faced with a confusing display of white goods, mostly located either too high or too low for examination of their controls with a magnifier, I sought help from a salesman.

I explained my limited vision and my washing machine needs (in no particular order)

1.    Easy to see dials and digital window
2.    Simple to use
3.    Energy efficiency
4.    Reliability
5.    Price and feature comparisons

He did his best, disappearing from time to time to print out information too small for me to see but his attention was elsewhere and I gave up and went next door for a printer. No problems there, helpful salesman, simple demonstration; printer, paper and ink bought after mild discussion about the cost of ink.

Encouraged, I returned to have another try at buying a washing machine. A different salesman admitted his ignorance and handed me over to a saleswoman. Instant success – functions clearly explained, comparisons made, delivery and installation options settled on. No pressure. I hope I have made the right decision. It would have been easier if the machines were displayed at ground level and I could have seen the controls.

I am waiting for a friend to set up the printer and for the washing machine to be delivered and installed. Will I find them accessible? Watch this space.

Epson Expression Home XP-312 bought from PC World, Battery Park, Birmingham B29 6SJ
LG Electric F14961D Washer Dryer bought from Currys, Battery Park, Birmingham B29 6SJ

News item:

Now the vacuum cleaner has gone on strike!

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4 Responses to Household Gadgets

  1. I did wonder at the gender of the people who design washing machines! Or is that a cheap shot?

  2. Reblogged this on partialinsight and commented:
    I really liked how you wrote up your needs. People that make these devices won’t know what to do unless we tell them. When baking a cake it’s fine having talking kitchen scales but what if oven controls are not accessible?

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