Volunteer Event, Leeds

Rainbow over Budapest from WikipediaThis week the Macular Society held its first ever Volunteer Event at the striking art deco Queens Hotel in the centre of Leeds.

Volunteers, staff and resource providers mingled, learned, networked, renewed old friendships and made new ones during the sessions and over delicious food and drink.

Exhibitors showed the latest technology and aids for living, which were helpful and enlightening but also drew attention to the need for much more research.

The event was excellently organised by Macular Society staff and was provided free to volunteers. I believe we all felt grateful and appreciative at their patience and imagination. It was wonderful to feel valued in this way and to meet so many of the people we have communicated with by phone or email. The friendliness and inclusivity of the event were tremendous.

The Society has volunteer groups all over the UK and details can be found on their website www.macularsociety.org or by calling the helpline on 01264 350 551.

I feel strongly about promoting this excellent charity. Not only do it and its volunteers provide information and support relating to all forms of Macular disease, but is proactive in promoting research and in campaigning for treatment under the National Health Service. Notably, in recent years, it added its powerful voice to the campaign to provide Lucentis injections for Age Related Wet Macular Degeneration.

The development of stem cell research for other treatments is moving fast and will doubtless involve more campaigning along the same lines.

I was fortunate enough to be given a lift by other members in my area. On the way home, a big black cloud hung over the motorway, but to our left and then to our right, huge rainbows appeared, which we were able to see. What an end to two excellent days!

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4 Responses to Volunteer Event, Leeds

  1. Pat Wood says:

    It was good to meet you again Bridget and I agree with your sentiments re the Volunteer event,there is always something new to learn each day no matter how old we are, I’m knocking on 84 now !!!! , and the state of our eyes. I hope we meet up again somewhere DV. Pat

  2. Jon Rich says:

    Thank you for your kind words Bridget! It was a fantastic event and we are all very pleased with how it went. Peter White gave an excellent after dinner talk and the hotel was a superb venue. Thanks for all that you do in support of the work of the Macular Society.

    I can’t believe that Pat is knocking on 84! Jon

  3. You are right! The venue was stunning and PeterbWhites talk managed to be both funny and enlightening.

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