Primary Colours

Pink petunias in hanging baskets

Pink petunias

I have decided to reject colour subtlety in clothes and garden planning as too difficult to accomplish with deteriorating eyesight.  This is a relief, as I have never managed subtlety well.

There are expensive technical devices  which will help label your clothes according to colour.  I have seen one and rejected the idea as too confusing, but it may be useful later on.

A friend has offered to mark navy and black clothes with different labels and  that’s about it.  Mostly, new clothes will be in primary colours, easy to distinguish, and providing an ideal excuse for more shopping!

As for the garden, I love pots of bright flowers and this year have planted the most vivid.  With our unusually sunny summer, these are a source of great pleasure (see the photograph of my hanging baskets at the top of this post).  The rest of the garden is changing to shrubs and greenery.

Am I protesting too much?  Loss of the ability to perceive differences in shades is painful  at times. Paintings, oil and watercolour, are becoming reduced to subject matter rather than technique. I find some abstract artists easier. Similarly, this problem applies to cinema and television and photographs.

With effort, imagination and help from wonderful enablers, much of the latter is mitigated.  It’s a question of adaptation to this new circumstance.  A work in progress.

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6 Responses to Primary Colours

  1. Nordie says:

    Meanwhile Neil Gaiman is permanently in black, for reasons including that it never clashes with itself, rarely goes out of fashion, and everything goes with everything else.

    However, you may as well have fun and enjoyment whilst you can, so go for it. And you? unsubtle?! It’s one of the things we love about you!

  2. wyldetwo says:

    Sounds like the right approach to me – accentuate the positive, enjoy what you can do rather than dwelling on what you can’t do. Those baskets look great!

    • Absolutely agree. There are lots of positives and I also feel its important to acknowledge the loss. Thanks for your supportive comments. Glad you like the petunias. I had no idea they would be quite so bright!

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  3. heavenali says:

    excellent approach Bridget, enjoy the shopping, and I agree the baskets in the picture look absolutely georgeous.

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