Traffic Lights

For some time now I have been nagging the local council Highways Department because some of the traffic lights do not have bleeps. This means that, for those of us who cannot distinguish the red and green signals, it can be difficult to know when to cross. I have been fobbed off with emails saying they are looking int the matter and will get back to me.

What they didn’t seem to know and I have just learned from FOCUS is that, where there are crossroads or multiple lanes, bleeps can be confusing if more than one set goes off at once and have therefore been removed. So there is a wonderful backup device placed under the button box. This is the ‘wiggly cone’. If you feel under most button boxes on the traffic light posts you will find a small cone and, when it is safe to cross, this will wiggle. Not many people know this! Give it a go. Sadly the cones seem to have been vandalised in some places, but usually you will find them intact. An excellent device, but it should be publicised more.

As I mentioned before, my cousin has been visiting from Australia. We had a delightful two days in Stratford and she treated me to a seat in the stalls at the rebuilt Memorial Theatre. Although it is expensive this is the ideal place for someone with low vision. I was able to see most of the play and, of course, the language speaks for itself. We saw Comedy of Errors and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was unable to see the finer points but with some judicious whispering didn’t miss too much. Incidentally, the RSC do provide a spoken commentary for some performances. I haven’t tried it, but think it would be useful.Other than that we managed to work our way round the Jewellery Quarter where we spent serious amounts of money and we were taken out to dinner at the Bank which was noisy and not particularly good food.

This week I am clearing the kitchen ready for repainting. Spent a long time in Homebase trying to see the subtleties of various colours, much helped by a young trainee. I’m glad to see they are recruiting again.

This month’s book group read is Me Before You by JoJo Moyes. It is a brave attempt at writing about euthanasia with compassion and wit. I’m still not sure how I feel about it ,but have to admit that it is a real page turner. I am also listening to Canada by John Ford on talking books. Beautifully read by Peter Maarinker. it gives a graphic and psychologically sensitive view of Depression America through the eyes of a young boy.

I think next week will be spent sorting out old cookery books which I have seldom used but always enjoyed reading. If anyone wants any, please get in touch.

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